Susie has completely captured the spirit and personality of Skye in her sculpture. The dog’s character oozes from the bronze.Susie has the most amazing talent to bring her sculptures to Life.
Islay Auty .Chief Selector for British Dressage Junior and Young Rider European Team

How you manage to capture not only the physical attributes of my favourite horse looking at my treasured pig and turn bronze into something you could imagine living and breathing is quite beyond me .Raw talent and incredible attention to detail but it’s the expressions too !
Jane Showering

it is truly magical. I can’t tell you how thrilled we are!Thank you so so much! We absolutely love it!Thank you Thank you! It’s really amazing! The character and interaction is so perfect.
Leo Russell

Joe has been photographed and drawn But your head is something else.We have always loved it but we appreciate it even more now he is gone. He is just there!
Mish Dunn

Petra is totally in love with her horse’s head.
Petra and Herman Goetzen, Wilchwil, Switzerland

Posy has been a great success with ALL who have seen her on my desk… looking out of the window!
Tim Roots, Shutford Stud

I am really thrilled with Tiger, you have got his likeness and character brilliantly.

I think they are fantastic and so does Jamie. He absolutely loves your statues.He was completely thrilled with them.

When I opened it up there was Barney sitting looking at me from the kitchen table,you have absolutely got him.

It was love at first sight when we saw our sculpture.
Sue and Norm, Canberra, Australia

I was immediately fascinated by the “Please Oh Please” sculpture. It captures the pose of a dog that wants a friendly rub, and also has total trust in you. I was very pleased to be able to aquire it.
Olav E. Klingenberg, Oslo, Norway