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About Me

Susie started sculpture, as she explains, by accident. A visit to the Devon Art Workshop of the Society of Equestrian Artists to learn to draw horses having done nothing since school, was where she met Scilla Hann, the sculptor who persuaded her to join a course with her and Judy Boyt to learn to sculpt. Judy was her mentor for the first 5 years, and what started as a hobby has begun a passion. Lovely people keep commissioning Susie for more pieces.

This was 11 years ago and, since then, she has not looked back and is now well established. Her first public piece was unveiled in Guildford March 2019. She has been described as ‘incredibly talented’ with a ‘strong sense of proportionality and sensitivity’, ‘her attention to detail is beautifully observed’ and ‘she constantly strives to better herself’.

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My Work

Susie Wilson

In the Studio

Drawing my next commission, a Westie head portrait, in silhouette in order to plan the armature. Going to the welders to ask them to create a good steel on which I can build. I need to do some sketches to get my head around her shape. Then I can add the wax. Think I will use wax because I want all that lovely hair to stick up because that is how she is. If I use clay it will be hard to stop it from drying out.